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2 clicks are enough to opt out. Way to go cnet. Cheers.

@GDPRHallOfShame I'd just like to give a positive shout out to English Heritage for actually sending my a physical letter notifying me of what the GDPR means in terms of my relationship with them, default opting me out of everything, and apologising for the inconvenience caused by having to take actual steps (namely, going on their website or calling them) to opt back IN to marketing materials.

I actually did it since I like their marketing materials, it's all stuff I actually care about.

4 taps and about a minute of processing

one of the best so far, but of course it could be a lot better.

Will not admit into the yet.

Want privacy? Go away*

*by away we mean YouTube. Appreciate the irony™.


I don't like having to work for Google to unsubscribe.

Also I never subscribed.

At least their cookie opt-out is a two-click process

(Unfortunately I'm getting error 500 on image upload, but their unsubscribe page requires a re-captcha)

No vox, "Expressly consent" ≠ "not opt out" in any interpretation of the English language, sorry.

PC world displays an autoplaying video that cannot be dismissed if you don't accept their terms.

Fortunately things are easy once you tap "Update Privacy Settings"

the guardian: ∞ number of clicks including a misleading option that does nothing.

All opt outs take you to partner pages which is just hopeless.

This is ridiculous.


This one shows you ads interleaved with the cookie policy. 🤦‍♀️

I'm not going to comment on the fact that there's no opt out.

The difference between the first and the second image is not only a #DarkPattern, but plain deception.

The tracking cookies are neither required for login, nor for tracking orders.


The third image does not work, as the full list is with a size of 860x9260 too large.

Here is a link to the full list:

And an opt-out for the rest can (and does) take a few minutes:

"We are processing your request to optin/opt-out of receiving targeted ads. Your web activity will no longer be used for targeted advertising by the companies.

This may take up to a few minutes to process." had a strange idea of "required cookies".

1) Nice looking UI to allow only "required cookies"
2) Different Tracking cookies are "required"? WTF.
3) The full list of cookies including advertisment cookies is 10 screen pages long.

#GDPR #GDPRHallOfShame

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ieee does not give you any option to opt out of anything and pads the fact that they ignore DNT with some useless information. Also there's some hostile text regarding GDPR data subject requests.

It certainly belongs to the

This one is quite easy to opt out from... if you can guess which state is on and which is off.