GDPR Hall of Shame

This is the worst so far...

Fake X button that does the same with I Accept, dark patterns from hell, and you have to scroll down more than 4 screens to find a camouglaged Opt Out button.

This one truly belongs to the

And this is how far you have to scroll to reach that opt out button.

@hirojin @GDPRHallOfShame I would expect _not_ to be an × in this screen. Having both "×" and "I accept" suggests that you can avoid the accepting by closing the banner.

"By [...] clicking 'X' on this banner or using our site, you consent to the use of cookies [...]"
Waow, I don't feel that these ways of opting-in are very "affirmative, positive actions that can not be misinterpreted".
Neither does this "consent" feel anything near "informed" or "base on a true choice".

@GDPRHallOfShame or just don't read the pile of horseshit that is NYT and you'll be fine :p

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