GDPR Hall of Shame
Follow We care about your privacy and yet we ask you to disable your ad blocker and then we tell you to go to a labyrinth of options to opt out...

They sure have some audacity.

@GDPRHallOfShame But you *know* these guys will get fewer opt-outs than the 'decent' sites...

@pperrin unfortunately I do know it. I'm just trying to make up for it with a bit of negative publicity.

@GDPRHallOfShame I've got your back, but these gurilla tactics can only be a holding strategy for a bigger offence.

Being English I *like* unwritten constitutios - then my peers can decide what's what on a jury.

Write it down and it will be decided before your peers get a look in.

GDPR means you cant sue for abuse, insteaad the regulator (state) gets a kickback from any abuse..

Regulation sucks - it is an evil against the people.

@pperrin I've never thought of it that way. However, in this case, before the regulation it was ok to violate your users privacy, i.e. there was no unwritten law about this practice...

@GDPRHallOfShame misappropriation of your data should be a suable offence. So you get the compensation!

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