The internet is already broken bc of .
Try it. Block all gooogle IPs, subsidiaries, libraries, & so-called ‘free services.’ Venture further to co’s they invest in like HTC, MagicLeap, etc. Things won't look right, not load, not allow you access, no notifications, nada etc. This is why is important. is a monopoly bc there is no way to not give them your personal information when wanting to surf the www safely without being ’ed by them.


We need a better alternative for #Android

Too bad Ubuntu phone did not take off.

@salixlucida absolutely agree. Cannot stand the vs duopoly. There is no way to own a phone without putting 1000s of 3rd parties siphoning pii between you & wanting to make a single simple phone call, browse or text.

I suppose a phone with custom Android #AOSP ROM installed, and without Google apps or Play Framework would have much better end user #privacy ? Will try that on my next phone

@salixlucida @Privacy (I'm hoping that the KDE phone ends up going somewhere, but I haven't checked in on it lately)

@salixlucida @Privacy Well, Ubuntu Touch _does_ work. I use it as a production phone and i works fine. @UBports

@salixlucida @Privacy I still have my #jolla. It was fantastic until the speaker failed. That's the only reason for switching to Lineage OS.

Your browsing experience on the internet should NOT cease to work correctly if you block ALL IPs, services, libraries or their other ominous IP collecting subsidiary business entities trying to, at a minimum, siphon your IP address.

@Privacy I've been blocking #Google shit for a very long time now.I created a own #Adblocker list for it which I hope is complete.Only is allowed because of jQuery,everything else isn't.And my internet works great.Everything loads faster,many ads don't work and I don't get tracked that much.For sites with ReCaptcha I know alternatives.It's not that difficult to get around Google if you really want it.The blocklist is public here:

@nipos wout addons & publice every day use:
if recaptcha is required, you cant get in.
If the sites’ servers use google DNS, you cant get in.
If a site uses google owned hosting servers or google owned domains like .app, you cant use.
If sites use google IP recording anything wout an adblocker, you cant get in.
If anything google then it shuts down if you dont want to give them your IP.

@coy As it's a adblocker list it needs only the domains which can be embedded in third party sites.If someone directly opens a Google page,that's not my fault.The smaller the blocklist is,the faster the adblocker works.It wouldn't make sense to add all country TLDs of Google to the list because they're never used for embedding.For this purpose is always used,no matter in which country.

I understand, however I noticed some offenders weren't on the list (adwords, adsense, admob, and some others). Personally, I went for the most comprehensive list I could, but like the topmost toot says, it's hard to stop using their services when they've embedded themselves so deep into everything computing, even systemd and iOS isn't out of their reach at this point.

@coy Ads are embedded using * and * which are both on the list.Try it out,you won't see Google ads anymore 😉

I trust you! I have blocking happening at the router with dns and the browser as well with a number of very comprehensive lists. I already have these domains in my blocklist 😄

Good old days .. when the Internet was decentralized. 😥
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 🖖

@Privacy My job is contingent on having a Google account. That's so nuts that I literally can't even.

But, I also like to eat, so.

@lupine yup! You & the countless others with gmail accounts would immediately cease to have @ acess or be able to send to someone blocking gmail as a google service bc it siphon’s IPs & PII. 🤔

@Privacy I feel like there is a space for web browser extensions that redirect all requests to Google JS CDNs to locally maintained versions.

I ran uMatrix for a while and noticed the issues your stating. There are a lot of sites that uses the Google CDN to pull jquery and other JS libraries.

Fun fact: Steam relies on and keeps an active connection to Google servers. GOG Galaxy does the same, as does the Itch client. Just pull up a network monitor and see for yourselves.

@Privacy You can use Tor ;) and I heard of a legendary "Perfect Privacy" blocklist, if you know where to find it, I'll happily block all of Google's bullshit. If anything as a cool experiment.


I hate reCAPTCHA. It's virtually everywhere on the internet.

@deletionism @Privacy And when you use a #VPN service, you trigger #reCAPTCHA a lot as the website sees multiple incoming traffic from the same IP.

@Privacy Or in case of a specific ad company/social network, giving them your PII even if you haven't set a foot on their site by your acquaintances as proxy.

@ChrisWere @Privacy electroneum is the worst, those who has or had an account would know how many CAPTCHAs there is.

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