There are laws [1] requiring endorsements being made for financial gain of that product to be publicly stated bc of, you know, BIAS. …So why aren’t the >410 movies funded by the US govt being required to state that this CIA propaganda movie was funded, in-part, by the CIA for ex? 🤔

“A futuristic eye-scanning lie detector reminiscent of the Voight-Kampff device in Blade Runner may be coming to a future near you.

Funded by billionaire Mark Cuban and released in 2014 by startup Converus, the " " examines things like pupil dilation, blink rate and other eye movements to determine whether a person is lying, reports Mark Harris of Wired, who traveled to Converus' testing center north of Seattle to check it out.”

Cant wait for the Librem5 but an oldschool dumbphone & cyberpunk frankenphone would be cool too!

Could this be a new primary phone that doesnt invade your AND lets you reclaim being the ‘smart’ one in the ecosystem???

Can’t wait to test ProtonVPN for iOS!

"An eye-opening documentary, The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by and and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle – hence powerful – manner in which they do it."

Oh snap! A graffiti painting drone. Anarchists unite!

"The drone used by the researchers is a DJI Matrice 1002, customized to have a sensing rig mounted on one side and a spraying assembly on the other, counterbalancing each other. The sprayer, notably, is not just a nozzle but a pan-and-tilt mechanism that allows details to be painted that the drone can’t be relied on to make itself."

So is this going to be another millineum scare but & corpotate/govt espionage related with these chips in everything from routers, to wall outlets to watches & phones???

Cant wait for savvy chip folks like iFixit etc to start digging in! not. 😖

I can see it now - taking my health data without consent. Seriously tho, I dont want a front facing camera you invading pos VCs. Laws NOT rules should govern tracking of ALL kinds.

“Vital Labs’ app can measure changes in your blood pressure using an iPhone camera”

🤔 Um? ?? 🤣
“The first “social network” of brains lets three people transmit thoughts to each other’s heads - BrainNet allows collaborative problem-solving using direct brain-to-brain communication…they have achieved this using a world-first brain-to-brain network. The network, which they call BrainNet,” ’ing


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