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Announcing Emacs online APAC meetup today, Monday, November 19, 2018 at 1930 IST. Await Jitsi video conferencing URL announcement prior to the session #Emacs

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I've mentioned that somebody should do this for a couple of years, but it looks like Tulsa went ahead and did it:


It's very explicitly: "You, probably-tech-person, are well-monied and can work anywhere. Tulsa would be happy to have you; here's our bid."

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Nice, @kushaldas has made a native Ansible addon for #QubesOS that works over the Qubes IPC!


It’s in its infancy but it works well!

Porting my shell batch scripts to playbooks now :)

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It's an "AssertionError: 3008 != 8 : 3008 queries executed, 8 expected" type of day. This is why we rigorously test #django apps with `assertNumQueries` friends.

Today at 16:30UTC on the channel on Freenode @micahflee will take a guest session on our summer training. Be there on time.

Last night I made a Debian package for a Python module. Got a lot of help from the IRC channel.

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We now have suggestions for people to have better privacy as part of summertraining.readthedocs.io/ Please share it with your friends and also tell us how to improve the guide.

Hi everyone, this is Kushal Das, a privacy advocate and FOSS developer working on at freedom.press


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